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Projects by Maison Gaëlle Pelletier


Waking up time

7:15 am to prepare my children or to do some sports.


My resume

A business school then I left immediately abroad: London, New York, Bali, Hong Kong. Every time I was having a new experience: marketing in perfumes, I set up a subsidiary of communication agency... By living abroad I met people who showed me that everything was possible and that one could live with one's passions.

It was in Bali, in 2006, that I started real estate and decoration. Since then I have never stopped.

I set up my agency when I returned to Paris 1 year ago: Maison Gaëlle Pelletier.

I am an autodidact, although since I was little I was already in this universe with parents antiquarians, in love with beautiful things.


When I was a child, I was dreaming of…

Of being a "nose", working in perfumes.


What I like the most about my job

The flexibility of being independent. The permanent discovery of new things. It is a profession where we progress and evolve all the time. The more we do, the more we refine our style.

I also love the relations with my clients: they have all become friends! I try to have the same interests as them, listen to them and understand - often behind what is expressed verbally - their expectations. There is a lot of psychology in this job.


Next step

To work in a duet, to find a partner. It is sometimes difficult to progress alone.


My style

Eclectic, vintage and baroque, if they leave me carte blanche! I like mixing combine eras, exceptional pieces with objects diverted from their original function and playing with those elements. I think I have a real talent for mise-en-scène.


Latest favorites

Lazare sofa by AM.PM in bronze green is amazing

A Roll & Hill lamp by Lindsey Adelman

A New Brand - New Works - Discovery at Home & Objects


My projects

I would love to do scenography: showcases for brands. I also dream of collaborations.


What I learned from my mistakes

We have resources that we can not imagine. It is important to overcome your fears and to trust yourself.

I also learned that nothing was definitive or fixed: one can have several lives. And that the essential is anyway elsewhere.


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