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Special thanks to THE REPORTHAIR for their collaboration on this shooting


My morning and evening routine

I remove make-up with micellar water, then I put dermatological creams specific for my extremely sensitive skin and an eye contour cream from Caudalie.

In the morning I spray on my face the l’Eau de Beauté Caudalie. I like to start my day with this gesture. I also regularly use the small Clinique brush.


Make-up, my favorite products

Blush compact powder Caudalie

Yves St Laurent Mascara

Armani Powder-Cream Eyeshadow

Laura Mercier mat lipstick

In an emergency, Secret camouflage by Laura Mercier


My body routine

Nivea crème every day and sports!

I did a lot of classical dance until I was 15 years old.

In Bali I discovered Pilates. I have never stopped since. Even during my pregnancies. I also do Ashtanga yoga from time to time in an excellent center (you can find the address below).  I run in Luxembourg garden once a week and I practice kick boxing. I try to do sport at least three times a week. It is essential for my balance. I feel much better and lighter once my session is done.


My anti-stress recipe

A glass of red wine and a cigarette!


A tip given by my mother

Removing makeup systematically in the morning and evening. This is what I teach today to my eldest daughter.


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Salon d'Intérieur

Pour une excellente coupe ou des balayages très naturels 

3 Bis Rue de l'Abbé Grégoire , 75006 Paris
SPA Mont Kailash

Pour des massages tops (j’ai vécu à Bali et suis super exigeante) 

19 rue Pierre Leroux , 75007 Paris
Rasa Yoga rive gauche

D’excellents cours de yoga dans un joli cadre

21 Rue Saint-Jacques , 75005 Paris
Body Minute

Mon bon plan pour les ongles car avec l’abonnement pas besoin de réserver !