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Elsa . Founder of the website Les trouvailles d'Elsa . Paris

Obviously it would be tempting to talk only about the beauty of Elsa, this both hieratic and latin physic. But what really struck me about her it’s the absolute coherence that emerges from her professional and personal lives, from her tastes and her style.

She loves the harmony and it can be easily noticed once we enter her front door: only white and black colors, straight lines, no unnecessary details. Elsa goes directly to the point.

The same characteristics in her life: direct and loyal, going straight ahead the road she had chosen with her husband and their two children. She decided to reinvent her life ten years ago, by creating one of the first e-shops specialized in accessories, that has become the reference: Les Trouvailles d'Elsa. Today she adds a new chapter in this adventure by launching her own jewelry brand: Elsa Madjar. No surprise in here, her first collection – sober and refined – is made to last.

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