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Morning Routine

Over time I must admit that my routine becomes longer ! In the morning I spray Caudalie face moisturizing lotion and mist on my face. Then I put a Sisley moisturizer and a light foundation. No make-up or sometimes a little bit of Chanel gloss or Delarom balm. When it’s sunny I also apply Sisley’s solar cream SPF 50+.


Evening Routine

I apply Caudalie’s make-up remover, then once again the moisturizing lotion and the mist. I finish with Sisley’s night cream.


Once a week I apply a rose mask from Sisley that tenders and illuminates my skin.

Once a month I go to my excellent beautician Jane de Busset for a skin cleansing and a facial massage.



In the evening I apply Caudalie or Nuxe body milk because it’s not only the face that changes with time. On the summer I prefer oils like l’Huile Prodigieuse de Nuxe.

But my real luxure for years now is a massage at home. My masseur Stéphanie is wonderful.



I have used the same Eau d’Hadrien of Annick Goutal for 30 years. From time to time I alternate it with Hermès, l’Eau d’Orange Verte.

I also like Diptyque perfumes:  l’Eau  Néroli and l’Eau de L’Eau.


For hair

Classic but so effective :  Léonor Greyls products. I use seaweed Bain Volumateur or honey Shampoo.

And what has really changed are the treatments I take every 2 weeks in their place. Sylvie takes really care of me. Cathy’s great for manicures. They last at least a week and I don’t even have to pay a special attention to them!



I have a classic dance and ballet classes since almost forever. I cannot do without it anymore, it constitutes my balance. Twice or three times a week I take classes at Stanlowa. And I use Vélib’ all the time: to see my grandchildren, an exhibition or a film. That’s the best of anti-depressants and anti-age things I know!



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Léonor Greyl

Pour des cheveux soignés (Sylvie) et une manucure qui tient (Cathy) 

15 rue Tronchet , 75008 Paris - 01 42 65 32 26
Institut International Stanlowa

Pour des cours de barre au sol

23 rue de la Baume , 75008 Paris - 01 45 62 88 99
Docteur Marie-Estelle Roux

Une dermatologue très sérieuse 

63 avenue Raymond Poincaré , 75016 Paris - 01 45 62 23 23
Jane de Busset

Une esthéticienne hyper compétente et qui fait ses produits elle même 

30 rue Pasquier , 75008 Paris - 01 42 65 53 55

Une masseuse à domicile qui redessine la silhouette

Stéphanie - 06 88 26 27 30