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Creator of jewelry Reine Rosalie . Paris

After an eclectic experience in parisian fashion studios, Charlotte has decided to enter the world of creation by herself.

She’s the person who is behind the jewelry brand called Reine Rosalie. Shiny jewelry, full of humor and references to Hollywood style that she loves. She shared with me her universe: first come her three children, she spends a lot of time with them. Even though her professional agenda is full – between her boutique (rue du Four in Paris) and the development of her brand internationally.

Her passion especially for vintage clothes and jewelry. Her taste for furniture and light from 1960s/70s. Or her talent to gather all her relatives around a large table that she loves to decorate.

A girl who doesn’t like neither too precious jewelry nor flowers, I had never met before so it attracts the curiosity, right?

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"Girls just want to have fun" Cindy Lauper