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It had been three years we were looking for an apartment when we found this place. It required a lot of imagination in the beginning because everything was completely different from now!

But we were immediately seduced by the volumes. We love to have guests, so having a big table for 12 or a guest room was the most important to us.

After a year of works directed by a talented architect, Dario Mucedda (Cabinet 2D), the apartment became exactly what we wanted. Two large spaces: a living room on the ground floor and spaces for the night upstairs. In the beginning it wasn’t obvious to decide what to do with these high windows with a wall just behind. But the idea to paint it in blue is a real happiness – everyday we wake up as if we were in Greece!

There is also a strong bias in terms of chosen materials and colors: a lot of metal, black, blue and gray. We have the mix of an industrial and bohemian style with things bought either at a flea market or in affordable stores. We would like to feel free to change anytime we want to. Our only spending spree are the paintings we have. Both my husband and I love Street Art, it’s one of our passions and for few years we have taken an interest in artists such as Rero or Mygalo.



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Cabinet 2D

Un excellent cabinet d'architectes

257 rue Saint Honoré , 75001 Paris

Une belle sélection de meubles design

38 rue des Blancs Manteaux , 75004 Paris
Backslash Gallery

Une galerie qui présente des artistes contemporains avec un accueil charmant : demander Delphine

29 rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth , 75003 Paris
Laura Dextremera

De jolies illustrations pour soi ou pour offrir 

Christian Mentgen

Un fleuriste à Niort qui vaut le détour. En plus de vendre de très belles fleurs,

Christian déniche des éléments de déco uniques

Pour y chiner des pièces vintage, ils ont aussi des magasins physiques en banlieue et province


Pour de la superbe vaisselle et de la très belle céramique japonaise 

Maison du Monde

Une caverne d’Ali Baba pour y trouver des objets déco à des prix abordables.

Un conseil : allez voir dans leur showroom pour ne pas vous tromper

Monde Sauvage

Pour du beau textile : rideaux, plaids, coussins originaux

Blanc d’Ivoire

Une déco puisée aux 4 coins du monde