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A waking up time in the morning

At six o'clock I wake up and it’s a time for me because everyone is still sleeping at home. I take this opportunity to do some pleasant things – reading the press - and other things less funny - like my finances - to eliminate from the morning some of the painful things of the day.

And so I am available to my family when they get up. We have breakfast all together. This is an important moment of the day.


My resume

In another life I was a lawyer. I loved this job.

I wanted to do a journalism school but I started a law school. In the absence of being a journalist, I specialized myself in media and copyright.

When I had my daughter and during an umpteenth trip to Morocco, I stopped in front of one of Azilal’s carpet. I began to dream: what if I invent my own job? An activity fueled by my passion (I have always loved the Moroccan culture, the art of living, the light of this country that I have known since I was 19), a certain freedom by being my own boss and evolving in the universe of decoration, a field that I like for a long time.

It has now been 4 years that I work on the project, 2 years that I have created Fragments and 1 and a half years that I opened my showroom in the 7th neighborhood in Paris.


 My advice in changing a professional life

I took advantage of the opportunity to take parental leave. It is a real comfort. Obviously there was a risk to take but I also considered it as a chance to seize.

I didn’t take an enormous risk, I started from home, with a small stock of carpets. I was lucky: the press immediately followed me.

I also organized myself to be able to regularly go to Morocco to find different carpets. My husband and especially my mom were keys in the success of Fragments.

It is important to trust oneself even if it's not obvious every day! One tip: do not look too much at what others are doing, find your own path!


My professional every day life

I go to see customers, I have appointments in the showroom and every two months I go to Morocco for 10 days. I go to the ateliers for the follow-up of tailor-made carpet orders, I make a sourcing and I look for some inspiration.


 My Organizational Tips

Get up early and get organized for the day.

Start with what you have to do rather than what you want to do. I need discipline, even more since I have my own business.


My best moments

My travels, the satisfaction of my clients or when the City of Paris wrote me to congratulate me: a beautiful reward! And I love being in Morocco, in contact with weavers.

There is a strong "pleasure" dimension in my job. Even only for this I could never go back.


 My "Slow Life" thing

My weekends in Normandy or having a fireplace in Paris.


From my mistakes I have learned ...

... none of them is very serious if it’s made only one time.


My mantra

To have fun. It's primordial.


 My next challenge

Kilims made with wool, hoping that my customers will like them as much as my other carpets and especially to collaborate with brands that I like to amplify the orders of carpets on measure and thus, the financial independence of the weavers and the economic growth of their town.



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