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You get up at…

6:30. I wake up and… go back to bed!

I’m not a great sleeper but I like spending time in bed.


Your pro pedigree

Before launching Maison HAND I used to work in the pharmaceutical industry. And then I met Stéphane who already had a decoration shop in Paris.

The idea of working together and launching our own professional project was quickly established. Althought I had never worked in this area before, it’s a subject that I have loved since always.


Maison HAND

Maison HAND is our shop in Lyon, designed as a large loft. It has few rooms (a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen) like in a real home.

Maison HAND is also a collection of everything we have designed so far and it is named Maison HAND Éditon. It has sofas, manufactured in France (clients can choose the size and fabrics they want). We have also created a series of furniture elements: stools, side tables, rattan seats.

And today we also decorate interiors: a brasserie in Paris that will open soon, but also apartments.

It is a part of our business that I’m really passionate about.


Working as a couple

It can be hard sometimes. But in the same time we can have more free time, just do things separately, just for oneself. The flexibility and the comfort are a real luxury.

In our duet we have separated our tasks: Stephane takes the creative part and I really like to understand needs, to listen, to talk to our clients. Purchases, salons are also things that I love to do.


Recent firm favorites

Vincenzo de Cotiis


De Padova


My advices to start a business

A good dose of unconsciousness! Keeping an eye constantly opened to be able to adapt to any situation.

In our area the most important is not to get obsessed with trends, fashions… And it might be difficult sometimes.

It is important to step back sometimes in order to be able to listen to our sensibility. Trusting oneself is the key.

I think that if we do things with passion and sincerity, it always ends up with success.


Our projects

Continue to decorate, including a hotel. And to develop our brand Abito.


When I was a child, I dreamt of being a…

… surgeon!


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